Design and construction of swimming pools in mallorca.

Unique and exclusive built-in pools to enjoy.

More than 21 years revolutionizing the design and the construction of swimming poolsin Mallorca

The designs of the built-in pools and the construction carried out by Piscinas Sóller is the result of combining knowledge and years of experience inside our company, the study of the environment and the integration of the owner's personality, bringing in the ideas, customizing thoughts and emotions giving a unique signature in the pool-garden design conglomeration.

Connoisseurs of the latest trends in design of pools in Mallorca and always at the forefront of innovation, in Piscinas Sóller we are profesional specialists designing, building and rehabilitating all kinds of built-in pools.

The design of swimming pools and gardens made by Piscinas Sóller can be summarized in a mixture of styles differentiating them with our personal signature and always inspired as a projection of our clients so that the pool complies with its function.

Both for the design and for the construccion of swimming pools in Mallorca is necessary take into account several factors:


In a Mediterranean climate with mild average temperatures and a seasonal rainfall regime, Mallorca becomes an ideal place to build a swimming pool.

In the installation of a swimming pool, orientation plays an important role in a direct relationship between environmental comfort and use.


Mallorca stands out for its wide range of natural landscapes, in the designs of Piscinas Sóller we adapt to every corner, integrating the design of the pool and making your dreams come true.


Los The more than five hundred projects carried out by Piscinas Sóller give us the skill to adapt our designs to your expectations in a natural and fluid way.


Our pool company is a specialist in the construction of all types of pools, , from infinity pools models to traditional skimmers, natural pools etc ...

Call us without any commitment and we will advise you and show you the wide range of possibilities offered by the market.

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With the ideal choice of finishesand coatings in their infinite combinations, the aesthetic importance in gardens with swimming pools take on special relevance so that the outdoor space integrates the pool into the environment in communion with your garden.

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In our projects we promote sustainable and environmentally friendly pool maintenance, we are specialists in traditional water treatment systems such as chlorine, more natural systems such as saline electrolysis or more innovative systems such as neolysis.


At the forefront of fashionwe offer you the alternative of choosing the coatings, creating combinations that adapt to your personality and that integrate into the environment creating unique spaces.

The function

The stairs become a fundamental and distinctive element of your pool that gives an easy access.

The market has a wide variety of options depending on the use and functionality.

Designs Wedding cake or half cake, Roman steps, corner staircase, rectangular or free format stairs adapted to the conditions and circumstances

Apart from the stairs another essential element that varies depending on the functionality is the pool beach that depends on the available space, the use being able to choose between dry beach and wet beach.

The development

In Piscinas Sóller we are passionate about each type of project and we offer acomprehensive service with special attention to the construction and distribution of reinforced concrete so that the finishes and decorative elements fit the design and distribution.

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Piscinas Sóller builds the pools with the gunite technique that consists of the projection of concrete by means of a high pressure cannon or hose on the previously conditioned structure, to achieve a continuous wall of greater resistance.

This type of construction must be carried out byqualified personnelwith extensive experience, achieving that with a thinner thickness supports the thrust of the ground in a variety of conditions, this type of construction makes the pools more durable.

We offer the best comprehensive service merging our extensive experience in pool construction with the best products and materials on the market, thus granting our seal of guarantee.